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Alcohol intervention

Alcohol intervention

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem and if you have a friend or family member who is addicted to alcohol, intervention is usually the last hope. Alcohol intervention refers to confronting an alcohol abuser about their drinking problem. In this situation, family and friends help a person understand how the drinking has affected them.

An intervention is usually a meeting between the alcoholic, family, and friends and in some cases, a professional. During this meeting, the person has to be made aware of the negative effects the drinking has had and also includes encouraging the person to get help.

The main aim of an intervention is to help the person to accept that he needs professional help to deal with the drinking. The intervention can either be formal or informal. In an informal intervention, the confrontation is usually short and not planned. Most formal interventions are organized when several informal ones have failed. An intervention should be carefully planned because it could actually cause more harm than good.

It is important to know that a formal intervention should never be the initial reaction when you realize that someone you care about is an alcoholic. The first thing you need to do is to hold several informal confrontations. If such efforts fail, you can now arrange for a formal intervention. You should definitely confront the person if they have suffered a series of disastrous consequences because of the alcohol abuse and the person still believes they do not have a problem.

An intervention should not be tried if you simply suspect the person is an alcoholic. The decision to confront an alcoholic should be a personal choice made by those who are close to the abuser. There is always a risk that the planned intervention will fail and this can lead to a lot of tension between the family members and the alcoholic. For this reason, peace has to be maintained during the confrontation but you have to realize that the person may still resent you for the action.

If you feel that this situation is too delicate to handle by yourself, seek help from a professional. Contact a company that deals with alcohol abuse intervention for advice. These companies will offer an individual who will be present during the formal intervention. The professional will begin by talking to everyone who will be present at the confrontation and help them understand the role they will play to make it successful. Including a professional is advisable especially if you can afford this kind of service. This does not mean that the confrontation will be a success just because you included a specialist.

The only thing that can ensure that an alcohol abuse intervention goes smooth is if the alcoholic is willing to see the kind of harm the habit has caused. A professional will only assist you to communicate with the person in a supportive and loving manner. The approach used has to be well thought out in order for it to be successful.

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