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Alcohol detox

Alcohol detox

Alcoholism is a serious problem and may call for certain measures towards its cure. Not everyone who drinks alcohol can be regarded as an alcoholic. An alcoholic addict refers to that individual who is highly dependant on the drug. There are those that are interested in seeking medical attention so as to break the habit. Such are the cures that will involve detoxification. For victims who are highly dependent on alcohol, it is advised that they should not attempt an alcohol detox without any measure of supervision. This is as a result of the inherent risks involved. However, there can be successful treatment with the help of medical assistance with the proper medications which will go a long way in helping the affected victims

Alcohol detox can be described to be a dangerous remedy which is a very difficult time for victims. However, it can be considered as the first step towards recovery. Alcohol detox will at most times increase the craving especially for victims who have attempted this process severally. This can lead to mental exhaustion and a difficult healing process. Alcohol stops the activity level of the brain. This is because alcohol is a depressant. An all over sudden decision to quit drinking will lead to a number of symptoms. The victim may suffer from convulsions, hallucinations, insomnia, seizures, heart failure nauseated among others.

As much as medical supervision is encouraged for these victims, there are few individuals who will consider the option of self help. However, the victim will require fluids and electrolytes to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. This is to return fluids to the body as a result of diarrhea, sweating and vomiting. The victims that opt for psychotherapy, drugs such as Valium and Xanax may be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms that are related to seizures. Similarly, it makes the victim to be more comfortable as it helps reduce anxiety and tremors.

Should the victim undergo successful physical therapy, it is important for the victim to seek help from psychotherapists. However, this help can also be in form of supportive friends and family. Alcohol detox will often cause depression and cravings that the two help groups mentioned above can help the victim m attain fast recovery. It is important to note that the alcohol detox is not a final solution for recovery as victims will at most time suffer from obsessive thoughts that will want to make them go back to indulging in alcohol.

The availability of detox programs are so many. They will include outpatient detox programs and ultra detox programs. Inpatient medical facilities have often had the most successful accomplishments. The individual should be well prepared and should be ready to change his behavioral drinking patterns for a successful recovery. They should be ready to face the consequences that are especially related to withdrawals. Withdrawals will however depend on the duration period that the alcohol has been used. The durational time for alcohol detox will take from three days to two weeks.

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