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Alcohol dependency

Alcohol dependency

Alcohol dependency is a term that refers to a condition that is associated with constant alcohol usage. This condition causes a person who is alcohol dependent to develop physiological dependency on alcohol and when he or she does not take it, there is a possibility of developing symptoms of withdrawal and tolerance. This condition is diagnosed when the patient develops persistent and disturbing withdrawal symptoms which cause him not to engage in the daily activities that he was accustomed to. This may include school work or the job performance which begin to go down. It is primarily due to constant hangovers or being constantly intoxicated. Most people who suffer from this condition tend to ignore their responsibilities whether household and if they are parents they forget to bring up their children in the best way possible.

They may also tend to engage in hazardous behavior whereby they may opt to drive while drunk or operate a machine under the influence of alcohol. This may then cause them to be involved in legal rows. For example it is a punishable offence under any law to drive under the influence of alcohol. Individuals who are alcohol dependent also tend to suffer from social problems and their interpersonal relationships tend to suffer. This is primarily due to the fact that the person will be engaged in constant arguments with the spouse when they are intoxicated and these arguments more often than not tend to be violent. They may also tend to abuse their children.

Medical complications are associated with alcohol dependency. Liver as well as kidney problems result because of the toxic elements that alcohol contains. It becomes difficult for the liver and the kidney to fully eliminate them thus causing liver cirrhosis as well as pancreatitis to develop. The gastrointestinal track also suffers and results to such complications as gastritis as well as the stomach ulcers which are quite fatal. Cancer of the stomach and the esophagus also results. The central nervous system of a person who is alcohol dependent is also affected. This results to impairment of the brain. The body balance of a person is also affected resulting to poor balance and general coordination of the body.

Depression as well as blackouts is other common occurrences. Since a person who is alcohol dependent spends most of their time taking the beer, they tend o suffer from withdrawal where they do not want to associate themselves wit other people. This results into suicidal attempts. They are also so violent and they engage into stupid behaviors due to their inability to think and act logically. Men also tend to experience low levels of testosterone and this may cause erectile dysfunction. In women, instances of menstrual irregularities are exhibited and if they are pregnant, their children are born with mental retardation. They may also fail to carry the pregnancy to term resulting to spontaneous abortion.

Statistics indicate that alcohol dependency picks up mostly in the 20s up to the mid 30s of a person who has first had alcohol intoxication while a teenager.

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